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Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres (DGHDP)
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This is the compressed index of the Guidelines

The Guidelines are divided into several parts.
Users can obtain the Guidelines in a variety of "bundles" to suit their needs.

Download the full version of the Guidelines  Parts A to E (6.1mb, PDF) warning! large file.
Click on the links below to download whole parts or expand the index to select sub-components.

 Part A- Introduction and Instructions for Use  Part A (884 kb, PDF)
littlearrow-downexpand index  
 Part B- Health Facility Briefing and Planning Part B (3.7 mb, PDF)
littlearrow-downexpand index  
 Part C- Access, Mobility, OH&S Part C (474 kb, PDF)
littlearrow-downexpand index  
 Part D- Infection Control Part D (346 kb, PDF)
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 Part E- Building Services and Environmental Design Part E (717 kb, PDF)
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You may also require the following components (warning! large files):

Generic Schedule of Accommodation for (HPU's)
HPU (745 kb, PDF)
  littlearrow-downfull index of HPU's  
Standard Components Room Data Sheets (RDS's)
RDS (799 kb, PDF)
  littlearrow-downfull index of Standard Components  
Standard Components Room Layout Sheets (RLS's)
RLS (25.8 mb, PDF)
  littlearrow-downfull index of Room Layout Sheets  

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Last Updated: 15 September, 2008
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