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Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres (DGHDP)
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Full Download

Warning! very large file

The full guidelines are contained in a very large file in PDF format. Download of a file of this size is only recommended for those with fast, broadband access to the internet. Other users should consider downloading only the required Parts A to E or sub-sections such as individual HPU's and Standard Components.

To return to the Guidelines Index page to download individual parts, click here.

To proceed to download the full text of all parts in one large file click the symbol below:

pdf DGHDP Issue 1 (6.1 mb, PDF) 548 pages

Note: You may still need to download the following Standard Components separately as they are attachments to the main guidelines. These files are very large and will take a long time to download:

pdf Standard Components Room Data Sheets  (799 kb, PDF) 142 pages
pdf Standard Components Room Layout Sheets ( 25.8 mb, PDF) 140 pages

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Last Updated: 15 September, 2008
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