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Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres (DGHDP)
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Welcome to the new Design Guidelines for
Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres (DGHDP)

The new Guidelines are available for viewing and free download through this web site. Users may download the entire guidelines in one large PDF file, or select only the relevant parts and associated components. For quick access to the guidelines index page, click on "Guidelines" on the navigation bar to the left or the symbol below.



What's  New
Issue 1 of the new Guidelines for public release 11.3.05
(Watch this space for news and information on the continuing development of the guidelines)  
Key Milestones
First public release of the new Guidelines on the web 11.3.05
Implementation of the new Guidelines 1.4.05
more ...  
Assistance with Portable Document Formats (PDFs) pdf
Some pdf documents exist within this site. The Department of Human Services offers a range of options to assist users in accessing these documents. For further information, see

Disclaimer: These Guidelines do not reduce the obligation of the designers to comply with all Statutory and Legislative requirements, Refer to Part B "Construction Standards" for the Priority of Documents and further information on this subject.

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Last Updated: 15 September, 2008
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